Weighing Goats

Many people buy a goat weigh tape to weigh their goats.   I have to watch pennies, so I used an “old-fashion” method of using a normal tape measure and a math formula.  However, then I found this site and chart which is pretty accurate when comparing it to the long way of weighing the goats.

Since I want to breed them this fall due to the whole aspartame thing with the national dairy groups, I need to keep an accurate account of their weight.  They need a minimum of 80-85 pounds before they can be bred.   They have a 5 month gestational period.  I do not want kids freezing to death, so I need to make sure that 1) they are ready for it and 2) they kid when the weather is becoming warmer.

I do monthly weighings to begin with just to make sure they’re on track with their development.  They’re not always willing participants.  In fact, most of the time they are a bit put out about it.   This time, I went out to weigh them and as I’m measuring one, I feel a tug on my tape measure.  Ignoring it, I re-measured the doe I was working with and felt another tug.

Looking at the dangling part of the tape measure, I see this:

Goats ate the tape 7312013

I just looked at it, then the doe and back to the tape.   She’d almost bitten through it within 10 seconds.   I said, “Really?!”   She stared at me and bleated.  I translated it to “Yeah, really.”

That’s okay.  Tomorrow she gets short tethered and will have her hooves trimmed.  She hates it.  Unfortunately for her, she desperately needs it.


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