Naming Theme Decided

After much discussion and debate amongst our family, it has been decided!  Our naming theme for 2014 will be names from the show Firefly!   What can I say?  We’re nerds.

Top doe names:  Kaylee, River, Zoe, Inara

Bucks: Malcolm (Mal), Jayne (Yes, it’s a guy), Washburne (Wash) and Simon

Bring on the Geekdom!


2 thoughts on “Naming Theme Decided

    • The closest buck is 1.5 hours away, so it will be a bit of a crap shoot. Oberhasli breeding season is September – December. Being in a very cold climate, we don’t want early births, so we’ll start trying in late October. If they take, we’ll be expecting about 4+ kids. 🙂


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