Bye-Bye Van

Posting on both blogs:

I took our 15 passenger van in for its yearly inspection.   This is important, because it is the only vehicle we own that can tow heavy weights.  I normally drop it off and pick it up later.   I informed our mechanic that it would be the last year for it, because I wanted to save money, sell the van and purchase a pick-up for our tow vehicle.   He said he’d do his best to get it passed.  He’s good like that.  He’ll let things go if they’re okay to pass, but will warn us if something looks like it may need replacing soon like our brakes.

Several hours later, he calls and informs me that the van is toast.  Burnt beyond recognition toast.  The frame is so rusted and full of holes that he can’t fix it.  The integrity of the frame is shot. He didn’t realize it was that bad when he last saw for a repair.  It wasn’t until he started digging into the rust that he realized it went through the middle of the frame. If he passes it, he will lose his certification.

This was my feed, hay, livestock and camper hauler.  I have no money for a new one.  To add insult to injury, Amazon just cancelled all affiliate accounts in my state due to some new tax law.


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