Oberhasli Season

I noticed one particular search showing up on my stat page: when are Obers in season?

I decided to answer it, since the search seems to be bringing them to this site.  While I’m not an “expert” on goats, I do know the following:

Oberhasli goats have a breeding season of only a few months.  It runs from about September to December.  A few may run in to January, but on average the season runs from Sept.-Dec.    Since bucks only go into rut a few months out of the year, some people prefer breeds like Oberhasli to avoid the “wonderful” buck aroma year-round.

Goat pregnancies tend to run about 150 days, so plan accordingly.  For my area, we can have frigid temperatures, which can kill kids if one isn’t prepared, up to April.  Most does are bred to kid in the March/April time frame when the temperatures become warmer.   We planned for our does to be bred in November, so they kid in April.   We do plan on having back-up supplies in case a doe goes early: heat lamps, kid coats, small pet carriers or build a “hut” in the barn that is heated, etc. to help keep kids warm.

Ober does go into heat about every 21 days.  You can usually tell from the signs, but some does are pretty sneaky about it.   The signs we’ve seen in our does include: over-friendliness (our more reserved doe is super friendly to EVERYONE); mounting each other; red and/or swollen vulvas, more-than-normal bleating (One of ours will randomly scream. Scared the crap out of me the first time she did it.); refusing grain and/or hay.

There are other signs.  Once you learn your goats and their behaviors, you’ll start picking up even subtle signs.  It also helps to keep a record of when they go into heat and when their next cycle is due.  That helped me learn the signs for our own does.

I hope this helps those who are looking for info.  🙂



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