Snow Rescue for the Chickens

After trying several techniques to get the chickens out for some fresh air, they finally left the coop and run.  Every morning “Chickens on Ice” could be viewed from the kitchen window.   Road Runner (Buff Orpington) seems the least intimidated by the snow. On wetter days, they huddled under the deck where there is plenty of dirt for them to scrounge around in.

Yesterday morning it started snowing.  I thought we were only getting a few inches.  (It hasn’t stopped snowing yet.)  When I went out to check water levels, I saw chickens were all under the deck with a few inches of snow already on the ground.  I suspected a rescue might have to be made, but I let them be until the sun started going down.   Entering the coop showed Chaos (White Rock) and a Barred Plymouth Rock (Fluffy? – couldn’t tell) still inside.   I guess they knew what was coming.

Sundown came and I went out to put everyone away safely for the night.  Except for the two in the coop, the chickens were still under the deck.  They refused to come out.  I used every trick I knew to get them to come to me, including their version of crack – scratch – but nothing was working.  I had to call one of my sons out and Chase the Chicken was on.

There isn’t much room under the deck.  We can’t fully stand up.  There is also a small hill and retaining wall that we had to get over.   Did I mention there is a 275 gallon K-1 tank under there?  With just enough room for a chicken to get under it.  Picture a 6’1″ 18 year-old and a grandmother with an injured arm and back under there trying to catch feathered critters.  I almost wish we had filmed it, because it had to be a bit amusing to watch.

Eventually each chicken was caught and returned to the safety of the coop for the night.   Three guesses who won’t come out of the coop today?


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