When Chicken Waterers Attack

The joys of farm/homesteading life: the sun, the animals rubbing against you for a pet, the joy of new life, the attacking chicken waterers.   Blood sickness notice:  It’s only bad for those who get sick at the sight of a small amount of blood.   It’s not like a gaping wound or anything.  Just a small nail injury.  However, for those with sensitive tummies, I will put a break in the post.

This is what happens when you are not paying attention to how you’re holding the half-full water container when you go to empty it so you can put in fresh water:


Nail partially separated from the nail bed.

Nail partially separated from the nail bed.


I didn’t feel any pain when it happened; just a lot of pressure.  Taking off my glove was fun, because the nail, with my hand parallel to the ground, was pointing up at the sky.   I popped it back into place before my pain receptors finally woke up and registered what happened.   I cut the nail down as far as I could without hurting myself further, so it wouldn’t catch on anything and pull the nail even farther off the bed.  A bandage was wrapped around it to hold it in place while it heals.

I had a full day planned, but my priority was cleaning the basement area where I wanted to try to start seeds.   You know, the ones that should’ve been started two weeks ago.  Argh.  We have a short growing season, so any delay is not good.  The area is right in front of a big sunny window.  Unfortunately for the cat, his cabinet and stuff is there so it’s finding a new home.

This is going to slow me down a bit, though I did adapt quickly to typing without that finger.   If I forgot, it reminded me fairly quickly.   I’m one of those people who get annoyed when they are injured.  I am quite annoyed, especially because it happened before coffee.  Then again, that might be a good thing.



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