Nigerian and a Buck?

Our freshened Nigerian Dwarf has been confirmed for “Aprilish”.  We have to wait until all kids on are the ground, see how many does and kids survive, and she decides who stays and who goes.  I’m praying she has a good kidding season.  The colder-than-normal temperatures seem to be affecting a lot of people judging by the Facebook dairy/goat groups I belong to.   My friend, whom I bought my does from, lost a doe and the buck kid right off the bat.  Another doe ended up with an emergency c-section.   After reading the troubles of everyone, I’m glad I didn’t breed my future first-fresheners.

I am thinking of getting an Ober buck.  I’m not sure I want to deal with one, but the closest Oberhasli buck to me is about 30 minutes away.  Oberhasli seem to be rare in this area.  It makes finding a non-related buck fun.  No one within an hour of me boards for breeding.  It’s a “driveway honeymoon” which makes it hit or miss.  If it’s a lot of “misses”, it will end up costing me the price of a buck or more in service fees.  Unless I get a wether to let me know, it’s hard to tell when they’re in heat to begin with.   Except for Tuiti.  She is my “stand-offish” doe.  When she is in heat she gets very friendly.  This is an ongoing seesaw in my head.   I need to decide soon or all the bucks with good milking lines will be sold.

Praying everyone has a trouble-free kidding season.


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