Day One with Leibshen

We put Leib in a stall until the Obers stopped head-butting it.   After we let her out, my son and I stayed outside for 1-2 hours working on things in the goat barn and keeping an eye on her.   We had to step in a couple of times, but one in particular had us moving fast.  One Ober on each side of the Nigerian Dwarf and both about to sandwich Leib’s head.    Poor Leib kept crying for her herd so loudly I expected the neighbors to show up complaining at my door.  Any time she tried to follow the Obers, she was head-butted away.  I felt so bad for her.  No one wants to be rejected.

Then came milking time.  I have never milked a ND.  She is a second freshener and was great on the stand when her previous owner milked her in front of me.  However, I had a few strikes to begin with.  My stanchion was built for larger goats, so we had to tether her until I can take it apart and adjust it.  The stool I had was too high for me to see well.  I almost have to fold myself in half to get under Leib.   In the end, I sat on the floor.  I had no experience milking her, and she picked up on that immediately.

As for the actual milking – let’s just say I’m glad no one was filming it.   Some went on the stand, her, me, in the container (along with her hoof several time), up my sleeve (hey that takes talent!), etc. This morning was better, but it’s still a work in progress.  I did discover cutting my nails would be a good thing to do.


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