Leib has settled in, but it seems the milking capacity I was told is a bit off.  Despite multiple daily milkings, making sure she is getting enough feed, hay, and lactation herbals, I’m only getting 2-2.5 cups a day.  Unfortunately, that is not enough, but she is cute…


4242014 3 Leibshen Let me out

Let me out of here.

I debated on bringing another Ober in, since my friend is selling freshened Obers in September, but decided to go with a breed that falls in-between Obers and ND for milk capacity.   I couldn’t find one that seemed to fit the bill for now, so I may end up with another Oberhasli.

I read an article about goat breeds and the last entry caught my attention.  After a bit of research, I decided that Golden Guernsey goats definitely intrigue me.   They’re right up there with Jacobs Sheep I want to get once we have enough land.  I had briefly read about them before I had goats, but forgot about them since I wasn’t planning on buying goats yet.  Funny how that works sometimes.

I learned GGs are extremely rare in our country.  Darn.  There is a chance I could use my Ober does to breed up, but I don’t know if they qualify.  I also need to learn how the program works. It will need a lot more research and speaking with Guernsey group members for information.  This is a different ballgame than dealing with an already established breed in this country.  I need to do a lot of fact gathering before making a decision.  All goats bred now will be the foundation for future stock.   How is that for “no pressure”?   🙂



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