Kennel Cough

We adopted a new dog.  He is a 5 month old Malinois mix.  Unfortunately, despite having to be vaccinated for travel, he brought kennel cough with him.  Our other Mal mix caught it.   We have no way to separate the dogs, so we are keeping watch and I will be making an herbal lung support formula as soon as I can find the ingredients.

Here is our new cutie, Remy (the one with the bat ears sitting down):


Layla, Topher and Remy in the kennel 792014

Layla (3 yo Mal Mix), Topher (2 yo Husky) and our newest member Remy (5 month Mal mix).


We think he may have a bit of Husky in him.  He talks just like our Husky does.  In fact, he gets quite LOUD.

Anyone needing to pick up eggs or chicken – please leave any dogs at home or in your car until further notice.

Update:  See my comment in the comments.  We believe the vet was wrong.  We did inform our vet that one of the dogs had chewed on a thin blue scrubby, but my impression that Layla had something caught in her throat was shot down, despite our mentioning she was hacking as well (like she was trying to get something out).   Our dog coughed for less than two days and stopped.   I think we were right.


2 thoughts on “Kennel Cough

  1. We are now doubting the vet’s diagnosis. The dog in question started coughing and we found a slightly chewed blue flat scrubby under the dog bed. I thought she might have a bit of the scrubby caught in her throat. We took her in the next day, because she was still coughing. Shortly after the vet visit, she stopped and hasn’t coughed since. I think I was right.


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