This Morning

The tomatoes just won’t quit despite several frost warnings and nights into the 30s (and no I am not complaining!):

These Tomatoes Just Wont Quit  10122014


Tomatoes still going 10122014


Meanwhile the last of the hot peppers (Cayenne, Fish, Nippon Taka) are drying:


Drying Fish, Nippon Taka and Cayenne Peppers 2014


The goats are enjoying the leaves falling into their area.  The bigger girls are having a meeting near the gate now that the sun is finally out again…

Loki, tuiti and barcy 10122014


… while Leib sees her chance to eat hay without getting butted away:


Leib grabbing hay while she can 10122014


The swing set being converted to meat chicken coop/run gets under way:


Swing set being converted to meat coop and run 10122014


As the turkeys look on hoping for more meal worms (they are so addicted):



Two BR Think it is a hen and tom 10122014

A hen and tom watching the proceedings.


King Tom 10122014

The “head” tom watching the evil power tools to make sure they don’t get too close. They are locked up to keep them off of the wood and tools. They can fly right over the enclosure fencing.



The chickens were running around, so no pictures of them.



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