Loki Had…

No one gave birth yesterday.  Today while milking the alpine, I noticed the Oberhasli who wasn’t ready to give birth standing away from everyone.  Watching her through the stall doors, I could see she was in labor.  I put her in the kidding stall.  Within a few hours, she gave birth to a single buckling.  He weighed about 8.5 pounds.  Loki did great even when I was turning the kid’s head in the birth canal.  It was just off enough to keep him from coming out.  Once I fixed his head and straightened a leg, he was out in about 5 minutes.


Loki First Buckling 1 462015

Nursing like a champ!

Loki First Buckling 2 462015

Two hours old and already a ham!

Loki First Buckling 3 462015

Standing by Mama (Cedars of Lebanon Loki)


He will be available at the end of June.  🙂


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