Long-Distance Just Ain’t Workin’

I’ve been trying to get things done via long-distance on our new land.  It isn’t working.  We need an address.  We can’t get an address until the driveway is marked.   The land is too far from anyone who might be able to mark it for us.  We were supposed to move the camper down last month.  We did not get the camper renovated before the cold moved in, and now it is too cold to use the sealant (mandatory).   I’m looking into a portable cabin shell instead, but they are very expensive.  Why a cabin shell instead of a “new-to-us” camper?  Because of the latest development:  the tornadoes that hit Texas.

My daughter lives where the largest one landed.  In fact, it danced behind her house and down the street behind her.  They could see it over the trees in the yard.  Thankfully, she and her family are okay and only lost a screen door.  However, a close friend, who was at their house picking a few things up, discovered his apartment building was destroyed.   Needless to say, he lost everything.   If he hadn’t decided to go to my daughter’s house, he may not have made it.  But he is alive and that’s what matters.

This created a discussion of building/buying a cabin shell or purchasing a camper down there.  A lot of pros and cons need to be weighed.   A cabin would be more stable in a high wind situation.  However, if we realize it was put in a bad spot, it would be difficult to move it.  Those types of issues.  It’s still up in the air.

In the meantime, life goes on.  Birthing stalls need to be prepared, hoofs trimmed (boy, do they need to be done), the trailer is at the repair place waiting its turn to be fixed, hay needs to be bought and stored along with grain, clearing and organizing what goes down and what stays, people need to be fed …

Ah, life.


One thought on “Long-Distance Just Ain’t Workin’

  1. We live in a camper. And we are on our way back to Dallas (for work) after the holidays. We were planning to stay at the campground that got hit by a tornado. Crazy… Good luck with everything!


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