Another Way of Disbudding


We all hate the iron.  We really do.  Every Spring we dread it.  Last Spring I had the vet do the job.  Unfortunately, it cost me a lot more than I could afford.  In the end, she did a worse job than many non-vets.  However, part of breeding and selling goats involves horn removal.  Very few people want to keep the horns, and show goats aren’t allowed to have them. 

The natural goat group I am a part of on Facebook has been discussing this option for the past 9 months or so:

Study Using Clove Oil Injections to Disbud Kids

The great thing is cloves have a natural anesthetic as part of their make up (That is why it works so well on toothaches).  It will numb the area and work on getting rid of the bud.  One woman has already started her trial of using clove oil, and said she had success.  She’s confident enough to sell her iron.  A couple of people commented their vets have begun offering it, and have warned that anyone DIYing it needs to follow the study recommendations.  Using more clove oil can cause an adverse reaction.

We’re willing to try it. Comparing the negatives of the oil to the negatives of the iron, we believe the oil to be a better option.  I’ve ordered the needed supplies and read the instructions on how to inject the horn buds. I will try it on any kids I will be retaining.  If it fails, only the ones staying will be affected.  If it works, our iron will be put away in a dark corner.  I will keep it on hand just in case we need it.  Those suckers aren’t cheap.



I am not a vet.  This post is not intended to be medical advice.  You’re an adult.  You make your own choices.    If you try this and something goes wrong, it is not my fault. 


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