Update On Clove Oil for Disbudding

The woman in the clove oil disbudding group, who said her family has used the topical version of this method for generations, sort of disappeared from the group and won’t or can’t answer private messengers.  This means we can’t ask questions or clarify certain aspects with her.   We don’t know if she’s had some type of emergency or what.  So far, no one has had success with topical applications.  They saw no decrease of size or dying of the bud and had to use the iron.

Those using a vet to inject the oil have had success if the protocol of the study is followed. The vets who changed the dosage to a lower amount based on weight for a medium to full-sized goat kid had injections fail.  Those who changed the dosage for minis had success most of the time.  The failures seem related to the dosage amounts.  All the vets used seem to agree that .2ml is too much for a miniature breed.

Those who have done the injections themselves have had mixed results.  Some of it is due to the unknown eugenol content of the clove oil, but the main issue is kids don’t like to hold still, so the needle comes out and oil goes outside the bud rather than under it. Once the hole in the skin is made, the oil will come out of it instead of going under the bud.

I’m continuing to watch results, but so far as long as the study is adhered to and dosages are based on the final size of the goat, it is working.


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