I could go on about his woman who obviously doesn’t have a clue about how farms are run, but I’ll just say this educational farm (what we would like to become) has failed to educate this person through no fault of their own.

Protest at Benner’s Farm

Help Save Benner’s Farm

It is an educational farm not a petting zoo.  They teach people where their food comes from.  They are clear in their purpose.  If asked, they don’t hide the fact that they raise them for food.   But thanks to one woman, who insists the FARM family should buy their meat from a store,  this farmer is getting a lot of flack.  On the plus side, the community is rallying around him.  With any luck, this will backfire on her.  I have to say, I have read the Benner’s Facebook page, and they are responding very graciously to the protesters.  I’m not sure I’d be so nice.


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