River Conforms – Barely

River at 9 days old 4102016.jpg

Part of breeding livestock is keeping breed standards and improving on them.  Sometimes, a hard choice has to be made.  Sometimes it’s not that hard of choice.  Sometimes the choice just makes you sad or disappointed.

It’s been confirmed that Seasons of Change River (Tam) conforms to the Oberhasli breed standard — barely.  I mean she just squeaked in. Like any closer in a limbo game and the bar would be falling to the ground. However, due to the white, we may go ahead and register her as experimental (meaning she failed to conform).  That’s how close it is. The area with the white had to be shaved, and the white skin had to be measured.  Getting rid of the white in Oberhasli is an important breeding aspect.  The rest of her looks very good.   We think she’s still adorable either way.

There is a chance the white will decrease as she grows, and it won’t be much of an issue as an adult, but River will best be used for dairy or pack purposes only, unless she ends up with a fantastic udder. Seriously.  As one judge told me, “The judges will mark her down as a kid for the white.  But if she shows up in the ring with an outstanding udder, suddenly the white is invisible.”   The mammary owns all, folks.

Unfortunately, her dam has thrown kids with white two years in a row with different sires; one of them with very good bloodlines.   This means the white is most likely coming from her. We were hoping her udder would improve this year, but it hasn’t.   We are changing her to dairy only.




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