The Difference in Size

We have a slight conundrum.  Simon and River (on table – 4 months old) are one month older than Kaylee and Book (on the ground). Obviously, the younger ones are much smaller than they should be.  They look more like mini Oberhasli than full-size ones.  Kaylee’s back is about even with River’s underside. 

Difference between kaylee book and simon river 812016

Both parents are ADGA registered American Oberhasli.  This was Jupiter’s first time, so we don’t know if this is normal for her.  Tuiti had the same diet and supplements, and her kids are normal sized.

Kaylee and Book are healthy, nursed like champs, and are friendly.  We had planned on keeping both, but they’re so small I’m not sure Kaylee can be bred to anything other than a mini.   Book is obviously too small to breed the two does he’s not related to.   Other than size, they are typical Obers.  Time may change this, but it creates a slight problem now.

We’re leaving in November, and I can only take a limited number of goats with me. Do I sell them to a mini Ober farm, keep them and see what happens as they grow, or sell Kaylee as a pet only?   Kaylee is so affectionate no one wants to sell her; she likes to nibble on my nose and chin.



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