We are a small “farmstead” in North Texas.    Having a daughter highly sensitive to soy and certain antibiotics proved to be a challenge when she began reacting to animals fed soy, so we began raising our own eggs which graduated into goats, sheep, chickens and turkeys. Our livestock are fed organic soy-free feed.  The chickens only have organic, non-GMO corn in their feed in the winter to help keep them warn.

I cannot have GMO corn or products made from GMO corn.  I am also processed free glutamate sensitive.  This makes purchasing meat a challenge.

I am a Herbalist trained through The College of Herbal Medicine and the Herbal Academy of New England (Now just The Herbal Academy). I am in the process of becoming a Clinical Herbalist.   I recently discovered there is an Animal Herbalist course, which I plan on taking as well, since we mainly use only plant-based therapies on our animals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  🙂



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