Goat Breeding and Sales

Goats are extremely social animals.  It is highly recommended that you either purchase two  or have a companion animal, such as a horse or donkey, for your goat.  If a goat is alone, they can fall into a deep depression.  Some will even die.

We will not sell a single to anyone who doesn’t have a companion animal in place. If you want a doe, but not the hassle of a buck, and that’s all we have available, we can wether it for you and offer a package deal.  Wethers make very good pets without a lot of the obnoxious buck in rut behaviors

Our goats are ADGA registered and tattooed.  All kids require a $50 non-refundable deposit.  No deposits are taken before the kid is on the ground.  Unfortunately, things happen.  We will put your name on a waiting list at the beginning of the kidding season and contact you after a successful birth.

You can reserve your kid with a deposit at any time.  We will not hold any kid without a deposit. Reserved animals must be picked up within one week of weaning date or a $2.00 a day boarding fee will be charged. If you do not pick up your kid within 30 days without making prior arrangements, we will assume you don’t want it and place it up for sale again.

If you’d like a wether, please inform us before the buck is 8 weeks of age.  If you’d like a kid who is not disbudded, pleased contact us immediately.  Disbuddings are done as soon as we can.


Our herd is tested yearly and is disease-free.


We don’t know what happened with these two.  Their dam is a first freshener, so we won’t know if this is normal for her until she is bred again.  We use Cocci prevention and found no evidence of it (Cocci can stunt growth).  Whatever the cause, these twins — despite having full-sized parents — are tiny.   We feel they would do best in a herd composed of mini breeds, or you can have Book altered (sterilized) and have them as pets.  Both were registered with the ADGA before we realized they were going to stay small.

Seasons of Change Book –  Buck – $75

Book 962016.jpg

Seasons of Change Kaylee – Doe – $100 Kaylee is on the right; Book is on the left.

Book and Kaylee.jpg


6 thoughts on “Goat Breeding and Sales

  1. hi there! just found you while researching oberhaslis and realized i just saw your listing for Barcelona on craigslist! was wondering about your 2016 kid prices. We are looking to start our little homesteading goad herd 🙂


    • Hi Melissa!

      Poor Barcy. People ask questions, but she hasn’t been claimed yet. I have a feeling she may end up staying with us until she kids. The prices will vary depending on how they’ll show, but we won’t know that until they hit the ground.

      The Oberhasli does will be $200-300, bucks $175-250 and wethers will be $100-150 – that’s if we’re here. I have been trying to move them to our land in the south, but things keep happening. I have a feeling I may not be able to do it until the Fall. 🙂


      • thanks for the reply. are you moving out of maine? I will keep tabs on your website to see what happens with the kids. Wish my fencing was set up, I’d love to take your Alpine. I’m sure she could teach this newbie a thing or two! 😉 also, thanks for the info on the clove oil and disbudding. i will have to look into that and look forward to your results!


  2. Are you comming to Nationals? I live in Va. But my cousin is from Pennsylvania. I’m sure she would bring me. I was wondering bout a doe to be paid for and picked up then. What charges will incur for this. Thankd


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