River Conforms – Barely

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Turkeys and Eggs

3 more days and the turkeys will be done!  That is the last of the poultry for the year.  Still a couple of turkeys available.  We’ll know weights after they’re processed.  🙂

We had NO eggs today.  None.  Zip.  Zero.  One yesterday and one the day before.  The ladies are molting and the shorter days have decreased egg production.   We’re  not sure if we are done selling for the year, because we have to wait until they’re done getting new feathers.   Gotta look good, you know.  😀

Not a Nice Surprise

The chickens have been processed.  Yay!  Unfortunately, the processing fees went up.  That nasty surprise was my fault for not double-checking beforehand. The feed store is no longer carrying the organic, soy-free broiler feed we need to use.   We have to order it directly from the company.  This almost doubles our costs due to shipping.  The only profit we make is to hopefully break even, and allow others to eat healthier, especially those with food sensitivities like ours.  Only 4 chickens in this batch will break even (by weight); the rest are being sold at a loss, because we had to order feed.  The prices were already set, and I feel it is not fair to those who ordered chicken to change it.  It’s just not good relations. This puts us into a predicament.

While it has never been about profit, we can’t afford to continually sell at a loss.   Ordering feed poses a serious problem. We have families who rely on our chickens due to their own sensitivities and lack of space to grow their own food.  We started the poultry shares for that reason.  We’re looking into several options to see what we can do.   We have added feet along with hearts, liver and gizzard packs to help, but it still puts us at a loss albeit a smaller one – if they sell.     Feed is our highest cost.  I didn’t make my feed due to lack of space for the many feed bags needed, and the cost was about the same when ordered through the local store, but I think it is time I take a closer look since it doesn’t require shipping costs.


Dressed Chickens

Dressed up chicken

No, I did not do this. No idea who to give photo credit to.


Okay, not that kind of dressed…

One chicken was culled; eight were dressed.  They ranged from five to seven pounds in weight.   One was larger than my son’s girlfriend’s head.  They are now frozen.  Chickens not heads.  Several are available at $4.50/lb.

When Chicken Waterers Attack

The joys of farm/homesteading life: the sun, the animals rubbing against you for a pet, the joy of new life, the attacking chicken waterers.   Blood sickness notice:  It’s only bad for those who get sick at the sight of a small amount of blood.   It’s not like a gaping wound or anything.  Just a small nail injury.  However, for those with sensitive tummies, I will put a break in the post. Continue reading