Moving Date Set

The moving date has been set.  It is 1.5 weeks earlier than I thought it would be.  /startpanicmodenow

See you guys on the flip side.  I am offline other than sales of household items.


The Difference in Size

We have a slight conundrum.  Simon and River (on table – 4 months old) are one month older than Kaylee and Book (on the ground). Obviously, the younger ones are much smaller than they should be.  They look more like mini Oberhasli than full-size ones.  Kaylee’s back is about even with River’s underside.  Continue reading

In a Holding Pattern

Things are a changin’.

Everything other than goat sales is on hold.  We have an initial move date for myself, our middle son, two dogs, the goats and sheep to move down to the land.  I will be concentrating on getting the disastrous, overloaded house organized, decluttered and packed.


Collars and Green Slime

Fun-filled, exciting night.  Okay, maybe the fun part isn’t true except where the birthday is concerned.  It’s birthday week: eldest son, youngest son and eldest grandson.  Last night, we were celebrating the eldest son and the youngest son was opening his presents since my eldest couldn’t come back up for a while due to his work schedule.  I spent most of the day shopping for food and doing the usual preparations around outside work.

A Few Pictures

I posted an album on our Facebook page with some pictures of the kids and sheep.   I tried to post the link to the album, but Facebook kept saying the post no longer exists.  We’re not sure if we’re selling the second batch of kids yet.  They’re the nicest of the 4 we have as far as form and coloring (ignoring the white on Kaylee).


Clove Oil Disbudding – #3

Disclaimer: The following is not veterinary advice.  We are not vets and are not advocating this procedure other than for our personal use.  We are posting results, because we were asked about it. You’re adults.  You make your own choices for your livestock.  Thank you for playing.

We participated in an unofficial trial during this kidding season.  I posted the original official study link in a previous postContinue reading