So far…

To say things haven’t gone as planned is an understatement.  We were told it would cost $500 – 1000 to hook up water and electric.  It is $1000 for electric and $3000 for water.  However, the way our entrance is won’t allow for a long trailer with the electrical pole or a drill for a well. We hit the camper tongue and back end pulling in with a lifted truck. We have to put in a driveway and redo the gate we just did.  I left all my kidding/lambing supplies in Maine, because I didn’t breed anyone this year due to the move.  I just bought a ewe who is probably bred.  That’s not a big deal but we do have a lot of hawks, so I need to build a safe place for the lamb. There is more, but that’s the gist of the way things are going.

We don’t regret moving, though.  It’s not all bad.  There is a peace when I walk outside that I haven’t felt in a while.  The livestock love the space, though the goats have figured out how to get into the neighbor’s property. We need to fix that,  but we had unexpected problems that literally killed our small building fund plus our emergency fund.  I look forward to setting things up, bringing back the turkeys and chickens, and breeding next fall.   It will take at least a year longer than expected.



Planning Next Year

I have been planning the next year here on our little farm.   I will be enlarging the veggie garden and need to plan the layout and planting schedule, especially since our growing season is so short.  Unfortunately for our cat, I need to move his “space” away from the basement window.  I will need it for seedlings unless I can manage some sort of greenhouse before planting time.  Not going to happen though I did find an easy and low-cost version on Pinterest which I pinned to my Homesteading board:

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Looking for a New Home

Since we have now outgrown our current home and land, we are looking at purchasing a new location to move to.   The question is whether or not we stay in the ME/NH area.

After we move, we are thinking about adding beef cattle and either alpacas or sheep to our group for wool/spinning.  Yes, I know.  We’re nuts.  🙂