Simon and River are Released

Simon, River and their dam get released from the kidding stall.  The kids investigate and discover one of the two goat picnic tables near the buildings.

Simon will be up for sale at the beginning of June unless someone wants him as a bottle baby.  If someone wants a wether, I need to know soon so we can plan it.

River is on hold until we know if she can be registered as an Oberhasli.  Breeding standards dictate how much white they can have, and she may be over the limit. We have to shave her white area and measure it.


Discontinuing Egg Carton Credit

Due to a specific issue, we have discontinued our “return our egg cartons” for credit program.  If you have any questions, you can contact me directly.

Eggs Sales Starting and …

Someone jump-started the hens, and they went from 1 or 2 eggs every other day to 4-7 every day.   It looks like a good time to restart egg sales.  Even if I get down to our land,  the adult children staying behind will continue selling eggs.  We may have to put a mini-fridge outside and go to the honor system.  It’s a common thing around my area, and most people are really good about it.

One doe is still up in the air.  Figuratively for you literal people. Two does are confirmed bred: Cedar*Run Drops of Jupiter ( FF- due last week of April), and Cedars of Lebanon Fortuitous (Tuiti – due first week of April).  Poor Tuiti is quite wide.  I’m praying shes got a couple of does in there, and they aren’t planning on a pretzel delivery.  Loki is still keeping us guessing.  I’m betting I decide she isn’t, and I’ll walk outside and find kids running around that I know weren’t there the night before.   She’s stubborn like that.

As of right now, we are not raising turkeys or meat chickens this year, nor are we putting in a garden   If I can’t get the goats down south before temps get into the 80s on my travel route, I will have to wait until Fall.  Seriously, would you want to be stuck in a trailer on highways for 3 days and 2 nights in the summer with no air conditioning?    That saga is being posted on my main blog.



Current Happenings

All our does were exposed to the bucks.  The Alpine has not come back into heat, so we are assuming she is bred.  She and the bucks are up for sale.

The chickens have finally laid an egg after weeks of molting.   (insert Hallelujah chorus)

We are trying to get things ready to take another trip down to the land, but cars keep breaking and we did not get our camper finished in time.  Looks like it may go up for sale as a parts item.  I’m considering alternatives to having the camper.

We also need to get our new-to-us enclosed trailer axles fixed.  I will be adding ventilation and areas for transporting items or goats or both.   I’ve looked into transports, but they want current vaccinations on all animals.   We can’t do that, so it looks like I need to transport them myself.

Oh the joys of the life.  😀



Pink-eye have been gone for a while, but I forgot to update.  Oops.   The hens are decreasing their laying.  Since we do not artificially prolong laying season, sales will be ending soon.  The last of the meat chickens have been processed.  We only a few left for sale.  Milk sales are done due to breeding season starting.

Due to so many issues, we still haven’t separated the bucks.  We bought a shelter for them, and it is missing a part that is needed.  The company said we’d have it by the end of this week.  Well… we don’t.  One doe is in heat, and her nephew has tried to breed her, but she wasn’t “standing” for it.  She headbutted him into a tree.  He shook it off and went to check out another doe.  If the part doesn’t arrive today, instead of a temporary shelter we’ll have to run to the home store and get wood for a more permanent one.   I’m also marking the date just in case.


Goat Sales Suspended

I brought a new goat in and was unable to quarantine her, because the goat barn was so freaking hot inside.  The electricity in it isn’t working right now, so I couldn’t run a fan.  I had to let her in with the herd or let her die of heat stroke.  The next day I noticed her eyes were “gloopy”.  I didn’t pay much attention to it.  Two days later, they were cloudy.   Well, crud.  Pink-eye.

My entire herd caught it.   Since flies can carry it from goat to goat, it may not have mattered about her being quarantined.   It’s our first time having it.  I began herbal treatment. All but two have cleared up, and those two are having trouble shaking it.   One is the “sickly” one of the group, and the other is just stubborn when being treated.  It takes 2-3 people to hold her.  We’re tripling our efforts on them, so my bruise collection will be glorious.

All goat sales are suspended until the herd is cleared of it and healthy again.

And — two goats came into heat early.

We are Back

After 4000 miles logged on the truck, we are back.  Egg sales will be resuming as will milk sales.  Thanks to my youngest son, our Alpine is still being milked.  He stepped in, learning how and has been milking like a pro.

I have a batch of meat chicks arriving June 22nd.   They will be processed 8-10 weeks later.  Several have already been reserved, so claim yours soon.  🙂