The Ball is Rolling

My Certified Naturally Grown application has been turned in and awaiting approval. My inspection is tentatively scheduled pending my new job’s work schedule (hello farm store discount!).

Sunflower, squash, tomato, and pea seeds have sprouted. Too bad I didn’t get the wood for the beds yet. Yikes. Not sure what I was thinking other than I can’t wait to get the plants going.

Anne’s possible birth window opens soon (previous owner didn’t keep track). The lamb will be retained. We still have to get a raptor-proof lambing jug up.

Chicken and turkey coop building will be right after so I can order chickens and turkeys. I’m not sure if we’ll stick with Bourbons. I may check the Livestock Conservancy and go with an endangered breed.

I’m looking at new marketing materials since most of mine were created for Maine.

Getting a storm shelter is high on the list after we had to sit through 30 pmh sustained winds with tornado watches a week ago.

We’re getting the ball rolling.

Oh yeah, and we actually have a domain now.

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Eggs Sales Starting and …

Someone jump-started the hens, and they went from 1 or 2 eggs every other day to 4-7 every day.   It looks like a good time to restart egg sales.  Even if I get down to our land,  the adult children staying behind will continue selling eggs.  We may have to put a mini-fridge outside and go to the honor system.  It’s a common thing around my area, and most people are really good about it.

One doe is still up in the air.  Figuratively for you literal people. Two does are confirmed bred: Cedar*Run Drops of Jupiter ( FF- due last week of April), and Cedars of Lebanon Fortuitous (Tuiti – due first week of April).  Poor Tuiti is quite wide.  I’m praying shes got a couple of does in there, and they aren’t planning on a pretzel delivery.  Loki is still keeping us guessing.  I’m betting I decide she isn’t, and I’ll walk outside and find kids running around that I know weren’t there the night before.   She’s stubborn like that.

As of right now, we are not raising turkeys or meat chickens this year, nor are we putting in a garden   If I can’t get the goats down south before temps get into the 80s on my travel route, I will have to wait until Fall.  Seriously, would you want to be stuck in a trailer on highways for 3 days and 2 nights in the summer with no air conditioning?    That saga is being posted on my main blog.



Bucks and Eggs

Both of the bred Oberhasli threw a buckling.  They are both over a week old, and will be for sale.  A video was posted on our little Youtube channel.

They have been named Seasons of Change Malcom (Reynolds) and Seasons of Change Jayne Cobb.  Mal may already be spoken for.  Hats off to those who know where the names came from.  They will be registered with the ADGA.

We are now starting egg sales.   Please contact us as soon as possible to be put on the list.  🙂

We may not be selling chickens or turkeys this year.  There is a good chance I will be moving, but we’ll see what happens.

Turkeys and Eggs

3 more days and the turkeys will be done!  That is the last of the poultry for the year.  Still a couple of turkeys available.  We’ll know weights after they’re processed.  🙂

We had NO eggs today.  None.  Zip.  Zero.  One yesterday and one the day before.  The ladies are molting and the shorter days have decreased egg production.   We’re  not sure if we are done selling for the year, because we have to wait until they’re done getting new feathers.   Gotta look good, you know.  😀

This Morning

The tomatoes just won’t quit despite several frost warnings and nights into the 30s (and no I am not complaining!):

These Tomatoes Just Wont Quit  10122014


Tomatoes still going 10122014


Meanwhile the last of the hot peppers (Cayenne, Fish, Nippon Taka) are drying:


Drying Fish, Nippon Taka and Cayenne Peppers 2014


The goats are enjoying the leaves falling into their area.  The bigger girls are having a meeting near the gate now that the sun is finally out again…

Loki, tuiti and barcy 10122014


… while Leib sees her chance to eat hay without getting butted away:


Leib grabbing hay while she can 10122014


The swing set being converted to meat chicken coop/run gets under way:


Swing set being converted to meat coop and run 10122014


As the turkeys look on hoping for more meal worms (they are so addicted):



Two BR Think it is a hen and tom 10122014

A hen and tom watching the proceedings.


King Tom 10122014

The “head” tom watching the evil power tools to make sure they don’t get too close. They are locked up to keep them off of the wood and tools. They can fly right over the enclosure fencing.



The chickens were running around, so no pictures of them.


New Turkeys

The turkeys have hatched!  Unfortunately, we only have a limited number.  Please reserve one ASAP before they’re gone!  🙂



3 of the poults highly interested in my cell phone that I used for the picture.

3 of the poults highly interested in my cell phone that I used for the picture.

Local Harvest

Today I registered with  mainly to sell the eggs that we are inundated with.  Now that the days are growing longer, egg production will pick up.  We still have so many eggs from the past seasons I’ve begun giving the dogs an egg in their food every few days.  They are completely thrilled.  The Boxer has “shoelaces” by the time I’m done making it for them just from the drool factor.